Analytical services (Enquiry Form)

Individual tests/ studies 

  1. High Resolution Mass Spectrometer (HRMS) – Protein Intact Mass, Peptide mapping, Post translational modifications analysis, Host Cell Protein impurity identification (Terms & Pricing) (Application Form)
  2. Circular Dichroism spectroscopy (CD)- Secondary and Tertiary structure analysis ( Terms & Pricing)(Application Form )
  3. Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)- Higher order structure analysis (Terms & Pricing)( Application Form )
  4. Fluorescence spectroscopy- Tertiary and higher order structure analysis (Terms & Pricing)( Application Form )
  5. SEC-MALS- Aggregation analysis (Terms & Pricing)(Application Form )
  6. Surface Plasmon Resonance analysis (Terms & Pricing) (Application Form )
  7. UHLPC based analysis- Amino acid analysis and N-Glycan analysis (Terms & Pricing) (Application Form)
  8. ADCC assay (Quotation available on request)
  9. CDC assay (Quotation available on request)
  10. C1q Binding ELISA (Quotation available on request)
  11. Cell Proliferation assay (Quotation available on request)
  12. Neutralization assay (Quotation available on request)
  13. Apoptosis assay (Quotation available on request)
  14. Cytokine Release assay (Quotation available on request)


Category Discount applicable
DIPP Registered Startups, Strategic Partners, NPO, Academic Institutes 30%
Current BIRAC Grantees, VC resident incubatee 40%
Between 10 –19 samples* 10%
Between 20 – 29 samples* 20%
30 and more samples* 30%

Kindly note: Only one discount may be availed at a time.