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Individual tests/ studies 

  1. High Resolution Mass Spectrometer (HRMS) – Protein Intact Mass, Peptide mapping, Post translational modifications analysis, Host Cell Protein impurity identification (Terms & Pricing) (Application Form)
  2. Circular Dichroism spectroscopy (CD)- Secondary and Tertiary structure analysis ( Terms & Pricing)( Application Form )
  3. Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)- Higher order structure analysis (Terms & Pricing)( Application Form )
  4. Fluorescence spectroscopy- Tertiary and higher order structure analysis (Terms & Pricing)( Application Form )
  5. SEC-MALS- Aggregation analysis (Terms & Pricing)(Application Form )
  6. Surface Plasmon Resonance analysis (Terms & Pricing) (Application Form )
  7. UHLPC based analysis- Amino acid analysis and N-Glycan analysis (Terms & Pricing) (Application Form)


Category Discount applicable
DIPP Registered Startups, Strategic Partners, NPO, Academic Institutes 30%
Current BIRAC Grantees, VC resident incubatee 40%
Between 10 –19 samples* 10%
Between 20 – 29 samples* 20%
30 and more samples* 30%
Kindly note: Only one discount may be availed at a time.